Why Birch Artisans?

Why Birch Artisans?

 My vision for creating an online shop for my birch bark jewelry has expanded to include offering the work of other artisans who are making highly original and creative work, made from – or thematically related to – the birch tree. I'll be adding new artisans regularly, so keep checking back! To be the first to know, do sign up for my seasonal newsletter and special announcements! Here is my mission statement:

At Birch Artisans, our mission is to surprise and delight you with extraordinary birch-made or birch-themed items from selected New England makers. More elegant than rustic, these are perhaps unlike anything you've seen before. The criteria for these works is that they are impeccably designed and crafted, environmentally friendly, and highly unusual. Categories include Jewelry, Accessories, Personal Care, Home+Kitchen, Teas+Elixirs, and more.

I'm so excited to be connecting with other artisans in this way! I look forward to sharing their work with you.

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