On Spring Break until 4/22

Maine winters are long! I'm taking some time to get outdoors and soak up the spring warmth. You may place your order in the meantime, and I will resume shipping the week of April 22nd. Thanks for understanding!


If you've ever admired the grace and elegance of a birch tree

If you're searching for a perfectly unique gift for that special person

If you love handcrafted and original design

My birch bark jewelry is made for you

  • BACK story

    From the beginning, the backs were just as important to my designs as the fronts. The backs needed to be simultaneously beautiful, lightweight, AND reinforcing to the bark so it would be strong and lasting. I experimented many times with a variety of methods, and this was the result! It has definitely stood the test of time.


Patricia Flynn of Portland Maine. Artist, gardener, forager, forest dreamer. I harvest only small, choice bits from carefully selected specimens along my path. I generally cover 3-5 miles to fill a knapsack with just a few special pieces of bark that I deem suitable for jewelry. More about Patricia

"hunting for the perfect birch bark for jewelry takes a practiced eye, and may be my favorite part of the process."


Sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees. Paper Birch and Gray Birch, both native to the Maine woods, have classic white bark with endlessly fascinating markings and textures.

"no trees harmed, ever! I gather the bark selectively from fallen trees only."

  • Susan

    "Another Birch Artisans stunner! I’m so enjoying wearing my new earrings. Light as a feather and so, so classy!"

  • Kathy

    "Birch trees are my favorite -- LOVE them, so had to have those earrings, they are lovely and so creative. Can't wait to wear them."

  • Toril

    "Your work is stunning!!! I'm all about all things spiral and nature crafted. Gah! Are you sure we aren't sisters from another mother?!"